Urban Art from Hauts-de-France, Voivodeship Silesie and North Rhine-Westphalia

 the documentary 

 rap track "Charbonner" 

Urban Art from Hauts-de-France, Voivodeship Silesia  and North Rhine-Westphalia  art and dialogue within the framework of the Regional Weimar Triangle.


Under the title "Urban Art3", Pottporus e.V. brought together urban artists from the three regions of the Regional Weimar Triangle. Hip Hop from Zabrze meets rap from Dorsten, stencil art from Katowice meets graffiti from Lille...


The project was conceived as a personal exchange and collaboration work between urban artists from these three – in a way similar but also different – regions, in 2020. Due to Corona, the artists only met once and everything was done via internet. So we have a documentary about unique artists from these three countries living and working in regions with a similar history. Dancers, musicians, graffiti and drawing artists –a documentation of where their inspiration comes from, what role the industrial heritage plays for them and what keeps them doing their work and maintaining their artistic attitudes.

The project also produced the common rap track "Charbonner" (slave"), that was produced together with the participation of rappers from Voivodeship Silesia,  Hauts-de-France and North Rhine-Westphalia and an accordion orchestra as reference to the traditional coalminers culture.

>> Documentary
Director, Video & Edit by Antonio Milanese
Sound: Martin Spyra

>> "Charbonner"

Pokahontaz // Voivodeship Silesia

PLDG – Pour l'Amour du Groove //Hauts-de-France

2Seiten //North Rhine-Westphalia
Emscherland accordion orchestra Herne, Martin Dejnega //North Rhine-Westphalia
Produced by Julian Büsselberg (SONIC MOOD)
Director, Video, Edit by Christoph Greiffenbach, Flow Motions


>> Urban Art

MOC //Voivodeship Silesia
Brehmer //North Rhine-Westphalia
Magin //North Rhine-Westphalia
Bilel //Hauts-de-France
Special thanks to Lorène Bonino, Cie Art-Track // Hauts-de-France


>> Urban Dance

The Renegade Company, Production DRANG,  choreography by Malou Airaudo
Freestyle: Vanessa Cano and  Ange-Marie-Rose van der Vegt

>> Translation
Katie Turmes

Sean Turmes

Lorène Bonino

Pottporus e.V.
Artistic Director: Zekai Fenerci

Artistic consultant & Project Manager: Fabian Lasarzik

Communication: Uta Graßhoff


"Urban Art3" is an artistic contribution to the Regional Weimar Triangle in 2020


Supported by the State Government  of North Rhine-Westphalia

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Video zur Ausstellung von Pottporus e.V. im Alten Wartesaal im Bahnhof Herne (Feb - Mrz 21)
Kuratiert von Patrick Brehmer

Glück, Zweifel, Freude, Angst, Nichts, Alles, Liebe. Fünf Künstler, fünf verschiedene Herangehensweisen, Techniken und Statements, um das auszudrücken, was uns im Leben bestimmt. 
Herr Choko // MOC // Tony Klicklack // Magin // Brehmer // Video & Schnitt: Dana Schmidt

In Kooperation mit:

Alter Wartesaal im Bahnhof Herne
Stadt Herne